Barton Woods Assisted Living offers a variety of care options. Many residents move into Barton Woods as a “one-stop-shop”, allowing them never to have to move to another facility again. Our care options range from completely independent to completely dependent. Barton Woods offers residential care that provides those struggling with daily life activities with the help and caring environment that they need. All residents at Barton Woods have a care plan that is tailored to each individual’s needs and capabilities.

Do you want to know how much your loved one’s monthly cost of care would be? Contact us and we will schedule your free resident care assessment. Rebecca and Kelsey will come to you and your loved one, ask questions that will help determine how much one-to-one care that individual needs, and answer all questions you and your family have. Shortly after, you will be contacted with what care level your loved one was assessed at. The care level is determined based on Barton Woods care levels. We utilize these levels to identify and verify that your loved one would be receiving care at the appropriate level.

Life is not regimented at Barton Woods Assisted Living. Aside from meal times and scheduled activities, each resident’s time is their own. There is 24-hour supervision, which means when a resident needs help it is always available. Residents can determine bedtime, when to wake up, and design their own day around Barton Woods planned events or other interests they may have. Keep in mind every resident’s routine will be unique, depending on his or her required level of care and interests.

Barton Woods Assisted Living is located at 9472 Kochville Road in Freeland, Michigan. Located in the heart of the Great Lakes Bay Region allows easy access to surrounding areas such as Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland.

Moving your loved one into an assisted living such as Barton Woods can be hard for everyone involved, but sometimes the most difficult part is knowing when the time is right to make the move. Some red flags that it may be time for an assisted living facility is increase in falls, worsening health conditions, difficulty managing medications, problems with completing the activities of daily living, poor eating habits, mobility issues, unable to maintain their home, or your loved one seems isolated and unhappy. Bottom line acknowledging that your loved one needs care is hard. Recognizing that you can’t give them the care they need can be difficult too. If you are concerned about your aging loved one’s safety, health, or happiness, talk to them about their housing options. Involve their doctor and/or financial advisor in your conversations so you both understand all the senior living choices available to them. Or contact us and we can help determine if it could be the right time for your loved one to move to an assisted living community, such as Barton Woods. If you decide an assisted living facility is the right choice for your loved one, you have many options.

The State of Michigan doesn’t allow assisted living facilities, such as Barton Woods, to directly bill your loved ones’ health insurance. This means that Barton Woods monthly cost of care is private pay. If you look at our Levels of Care Pricing sheet, it ranges from $4,500 to $5,500 for a single private apartment. Double apartments and kitchenettes have a separate pricing range. Many residents utilize their Veteran’s aid and attendance & the Medicaid Waiver program to help assist with the monthly costs. If you want more information on these programs contact us!

Barton Woods offers a range of large group, small group, and individual activities for all residents. Our activities each month depend on our resident’s interests and needs. To get an idea of our activities please take a look at our large group monthly calendars uploaded onto our website.

First and foremost Barton Woods embraces a dementia resident’s reality, whatever it is. It is real for them and arguments of logic don’t work. To keep a dementia resident engaged we tailor activities and conversations to their reality and needs. Activities are simple with 1-2 steps and conversations are led by their reality in that moment. The way to keep dementia residents engaged isn’t identical for all.

Barton Woods Assisted Living has had a variety of events for residents and their families to participate in. Some of those events include 50s casino parties, musical entertainment, Hawaiian snow cone event, parades, BIG Christmas parties, and much more. Look at our monthly calendars and our Facebook page to see all the family-involved activities Barton Woods has hosted.

Barton Woods Assisted Living doesn’t partner with anyone. We are a locally owned family business and only have our one location in Freeland. The closest partnerships are with the outside services we utilize. Barton Woods meets with them each, interviews them, and makes sure that they are the best fit for Barton Woods and our residents. We will give each resident and their family the information for our preferred outside services based on this process. Barton Woods wants to maintain their high level of care, quality, and respect with all agencies that come into Barton Woods and work directly with our residents.

If you are looking for a place you can trust, this is it. My dad receives excellent care and attention. No matter what situation arises, they will help you. The residents needs are first priority. The staff is amazing and super friendly!

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Apartments 1, 11, 17, & 32 are available for immediate occupancy!